Student Facilities

The College will give you a feel of the unique educational environment with an immense diversity of courses, highly qualified faculty and a wide range of facilities which we have created that is most conducive to helping you realise your aims and aspirations.

Because success in the 21st century comes to those who are innovative thinkers, creative problem-solvers, right decision-makers and skilled communicators, we have designed our curriculum to enable students to emerge as tomorrow’s champions creating success stories that will inspire others. We offer students unique opportunities to develop their skills and chart academic paths specially tailored to their career goals and interests.

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Library & Learning Resource Centre

The library also has dedicated study spaces available for students to study independently, research and/or work on their coursework. This is a quiet zone and offers a suitable environment along with facilities to plug-in laptops and use the college Wi-Fi. Currently there are Twelve designated spaces for students available throughout the week.

Free English Language Courses

We provide free English Language Courses for our enrolled students who need the English language for their studies and personal development.

Free Academic Writing Course

Our Free Academic Writing courses help students improve their academic writing; they get familiar with Harvard Referencing, Report Writing and academic writing styles. 

Personal and Professional Development

We are committed to supporting and developing our students and offer many opportunities to make the most of them enhance their personal and professional development.  We emphasise preparing for personal growth, social responsibilities, moral integrity and spiritual fulfilment. The articulation is in creating a well-rounded personality who will succeed professionally and as a human being. At FSBL, ethical leadership is inextricably linked to professional leadership.

Free Academic Counselling

We counsel students to help them choose a course best suited to their needs. This service is free, and we feel this helps international students who may struggle to compete in the current economic climate.

Career Guidance and Counselling

The Career Development Service provides career guidance and counselling to all current FIXTH students and recent graduates with a range of facilities such as careers information, quick job search, CV writing techniques, interview preparations, vocational and professional guidance and employment-related activities, and equips them with the skills necessary to meet the needs of today's graduate market.