Business Courses


An economic system of a country depends on the businesses of the country, which contributes to society’s standard of living and quality of life. Companies provide the necessities of life such as food, clothing, housing, and medical care. Excelling in the day-to-day business processes that drive organisational success is integral for business managers. Business and management skills are critical to the survival of companies. Managers in today’s highly competitive industries must have knowledge and skills in finance, management, marketing, human resource management, technology, and many more elements vital to a company’s success—the complexity and advancements in technology demand more qualified, skilled professionals for the business world. The business department offers courses from certificate to master levels, which are necessary for employment and preparation for advancement in the business environment.

Computing Courses


The department is dedicated to providing quality programs that are sound in concept, implemented by competent and dedicated faculty, and geared to serve those seeking a solid foundation in knowledge and skills required to obtain employment in their chosen fields. The department offers a wide range of short courses, undergraduate and graduate courses in computing, ranging from traditional Computer Science and Software Engineering to Digital and Multimedia and Internet Computing. We are continually improving our courses and have recently added some new but demanding courses.
Computing touches every facet of our lives and profoundly influences other disciplines. Knowledge of computing gives a person a distinct advantage in any career and helps prepare them for life in the 21st century. The department offers an exciting learning experience that prepares students for countless private and public organisations’ jobs.

English Courses


English is becoming the world’s language of the 21st Century, and this is the right time to learn the English language. It is rightly said that the English language is the key to success. English is now the world’s second most widely spoken language, with only Chinese dialects spoken by more people. English is overwhelmingly the second language of choice for non-English-speaking people. English is the official language of the European Central Bank and the working language of the Asian trade group ASEAN. 
The Department runs highly successful English language courses in a friendly and intellectually congenial atmosphere. As a result, English is one of the strongest pre-professional majors because the skills, knowledge, and understanding acquired are invaluable preparation for careers in education, law, business, medicine, and government service. 

The Free English Language Course is available to all FSBL registered students. You can join our FREE English Language Course from wherever in the world and learn the International language. This online course will cover all four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In addition, the course will help you in academic writing to complete your programme of study at FSBL successfully. Last but not least provide you with the excellent speaking ability and help you get the job of your dream.  

This course is designed for students with low English language ability, and without the basic concepts of grammar is the best option for them to enrol on this course. This introductory course brings language ability up from elementary knowledge.

Course Contents:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Speaking Skills
  • Introduction to Grammar
  • English for Academic Purposes

Health and Social Care

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Health and Social Care in the UK is a vast sector, employing more than 1.5 million people. Often operating under enormous pressure, the services it provides are crucial to society’s most vulnerable. The health and social care department offers potential career opportunities filled with professional and individual growth. Health and social care courses provide comprehensive knowledge and skills to help you shape your career in the sector.
Employment opportunities in the health and social care sector can be grouped into:

  • Advice and guidance
  • Childcare and early years
  • Community work and day-care
  • Counselling
  • Fostering and adoption
  • Occupational therapy
  • Residential care
  • Supporting independent living
  • Youth and community work.
  • Healthcare practitioner

Legal Studies


The Legal Studies Department is committed to teaching students about law within the context of Business and Society.
Law is an essential part of the domestic and international business environment. The law impacts every business transaction. Whether to start a company, hire an employee, manufacture a product, or negotiate a contract – at every stage of work, you will deal with decisions that have significant legal implications.
The department is committed to preparing students for the highly competitive world of law by immersing them in critical thinking and analysis, theoretical considerations and practical applications in the study and practice of law.

Travel and Tourism


The travel and hospitality industries combine to make the largest industry in the world. The areas of travel, leisure, hospitality, etc., are becoming interrelated. A large variety of positions available in the hospitality and tourism industries, to mention a few companies, are cruise companies, tour companies, travel agencies, restaurants, hotels, and airlines. Position titles include cruise and tour reservations, documentation, hotel front desk, tour guide, flight attendant, and travel consultant. Hospitality & Tourism careers provide global opportunities in challenging fields with flexible work hours, competitive pay and travel.

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (TT&H) is a dynamic department offering students an individual approach to learning in a caring environment. Classes are a mix of practical activities together with theoretical course content.                         
The department provides students with an excellent education and job skills.